By CEMAsys

How to start your CSRD reporting process

Having a robust system solution in place is crucial to ensure a structured and compliant reporting process. CEMAsys has developed a CSRD package to make it easier for companies to report according to the standards and for auditors to review.

Double Materiality Assessment

The first step of CSRD is to conduct a double materiality assessment. The objective is to review the integral components of the CSRD, connected to the different European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), and determine whether these components are material or not. Once the company has decided which components of the ESRS to report on, these should be validated by an auditor to ensure that they are eligible.

Gather the data

The next step will be to gather the data connected to the components deemed material by the company. Data should be collected according to the mandatory reporting areas, and once collected, be reviewed again by an auditor.

By using our tailored system solutions and in-house expertise, you will be able to comply with all the steps of the extensive sustainability reporting structure of the CSRD.

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