ESG Reporting

ESG reporting is essential for today’s businesses, and it goes beyond the need for ESG compliance. Effective reporting offers a clear view into a company’s operations, enhancing trust and reinforcing a commitment to corporate sustainability. Developing your sustainability report in alignment with international frameworks such as IFRS, CSRD, TNFD, GRI or SASB, will improve the accuracy and credibility of your reporting.

ESG Report

At CEMAsys, we enhance corporate sustainability through expert ESG reporting services. We not only develop effective sustainability strategies to ensure ESG compliance, but also help craft your unique sustainability narrative.

Our consultants support your organization at every step, tailoring the sustainability reporting process to your specific needs and reporting requirements. They also develop ESG policies that provide clear statements and guidance, signaling your company’s commitment to sustainable business practices. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that your company’s sustainability story is communicated powerfully and effectively while maintaining alignment with best practice frameworks and regulations.

In our ongoing commitment to transparency, communication, and accountability, the annual publication of our sustainability report is key. The positive impacts yielded by our previous reports have underscored the value of further elevating these reports. This pursuit led us to forge a partnership with the preeminent ESG Consultancy, CEMAsys. Distinguished by their profound expertise in best-practice ESG standards and high-quality project management, CEMAsys catalyzed an exceptionally streamlined and cost-efficient process. The partnership was a natural choice, with the decision to entrust them with this project for the upcoming year being both clear-cut and compelling. As ØG AS sets its sights on a future defined by sustained growth, we eagerly anticipate the continued collaboration with CEMAsys.

Jon Inge Kjørum – Sales, market and sustainability manager – Østlandet Gjenvinning AS

Extend Your Team with anExpert Consultant

Navigating the complexities of ESG compliance and sustainability can be challenging for any business. By enlisting a CEMAsys consultant, you turn challenges into opportunities. Whether fortifying sustainability strategies, ensuring regulatory adherence, or striving for best practices, our consultants seamlessly integrate to provide expert direction. With part-time consultancy options, you gain full-time benefits without overextending resources.

ESG Strategy

Developing an impactful ESG strategy requires a clear understanding of your starting point and the factors that influence your operations. At CEMAsys, we assist in identifying your baseline, benchmarking against competitors, and determining the most impactful and material topics. With insights into forthcoming regulatory demands tailored to your industry and national presence, our consultants will guide you through positioning your company as a sustainability leader.

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