Need to improve your sustainability strategy?

Need to improve your sustainability strategy?

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The CEMAsys online platform connects sustainability, environment, risk and business management in an intelligent way.

CEMAsys is a flexible and user-friendly SaaS platform for sustainability management. The system is modular and enables you to start with one function and then incrementally add new product functions when your sustainability issues and ambitions develop.

CEMAsys helps you to collect, analyze and interpret data to achieve product and corporate sustainability and drive performance across all business areas.

We will arm you with the best online product available on the market. You will be able to manage and report all your sustainability, environmental and HSE information in a single integrated system.




Carbon Footprint

A clear picture of your carbon footprint enables you to make detailed steps to cut emissions.

Our model is based on the international standard Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative (The GHG Protocol) and includes an extensive database covering worldwide emission factors.

The GHG Protocol is the most widely used method to manage greenhouse gas emissions and was the basis for the ISO 14064-I standard (2006).

Using CEMAsys you can identify, prioritize and track your energy reduction initiatives and visualize the impact of different scenarios on your long-term performance

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ESG Metrics

Tomorrow’s successful businesses will be those that operate to the highest social standards.

CEMAsys is tailored for reporting ESG and environmental related data and indicators, e.g. water, emissions, materials and waste.

The module is a useful tool in conjunction with the most common ESG and environmental reporting requirements, such as UN Global Compact and environmental management systems (ISO-14001 & EMAS).

What you can measure you can manage.

Retrieve, analyze and visualize your ESG and environmental data in a smart and effective way.

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HSE Activity log

CEMAsys helps you to capture, analyze and report all the HSE metrics important to your organization.

Our smart HSE tools will save your organisation time and improve all aspects of HSE reporting such as regulatory compliance, minimizing risks, calculations of health & safety indicators and reporting(PDF).

CEMAsys is a smart and effective data entry point for these activities. Our HSE functions help you manage health, safety and environmental issues.

HSE Deviation Log is about meeting statutory requirements, preventing future incidents and improving safety.

Our Deviation Log provides a single, secure and auditable database in which to record all your HSE incidents. You can then assign corrective actions, analyse underlying causes, report on incident rates and maintain an accurate digital record of policy documents.

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Supply Chain

Your supply chain both exposes business risks and provides significant ESG opportunities.

The  Supply Chain module allows you to audit your suppliers in an efficient and structured way. This helps you to identify ESG risks and drive performance (sustainability criterias).

Cemasys provides you with tools to form a clear view of supplier compliance and to administrate your supplier’s self-assessments.

Your suppliers can easily respond to your supply chain questionnaires. Once these are submitted, ESG scoring or ratings can be automatically assigned and corrective action plans can be issued.

You are now able to pinpoint supply chain issues, work with suppliers and reduce ESG types of business risks.

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Document Library

Cemasys is the secure file sharing solution for all ESG-HSE employees. 

Cloud storage can save your business. Disasters happen, devices get misplaced and you never know when you'll need access to your files on the go. Cemasys document library places all of your ESG-HSE data at your fingertips.

Keep your company’s ESG-HSE data safe.  Store and share files with a solution that offers IT control, visibility and security features.

Use groups to give new employees quick access to files and folders, and preserve outgoing employees’ work with account transfer. Efficiently manage your ESG-HSE team and data from one cloud service.

Stay productive with new ways to easily share, work and collect feedback.

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ESG Consultancy

We are very passionate about clear, correct, and meaningful sustainability reporting.

Our team of sustainability experts helps you achieving your ESG goals:

  • build competitive advantages
  • reduce ESG risks
  • build a positive brand image

And we deliver the best ESG support services and the most accurate ESG reports available on the market.

We have:

  • in-depth experience from many industries and clients
  • experience with social change and international ESG issues
  • effective risk management strategies and inspiring ESG support

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Carbon Footprint

Use robust and accepted methods for GHG emissions reporting.

This service will be performed in accordance with ISO 14064-3:2006, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (published by World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development).

Service details:

  • information input
  • reporting structure and organization
  • methodology and quality
  • Carbon Footprint reporting

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SCOPE-3 Analysis

We assist in mapping emissions along your company’s value chain to provide greater insight into emission hotspots and to identify risks along your supply chain.

A company’s carbon footprint is divided into three scopes, where Scope 3 emissions represent the emission sources in a company’s upstream and downstream value chain. Carbon accounting is increasingly focusing on these indirect emissions, especially in a company’s supply chain, because it is often here the majority of climate change impact occurs.

Our advisors are experts in the GHG Protocol and can assist your company in mapping, calculating, analyzing, and reporting on Scope 3 emissions in accordance with the international carbon accounting standard. By assessing where the emission hotspots are, we can identify risks in your supply chain, and help your company set targets and develop a low carbon strategy that engages suppliers and reduces these supply chain risks.

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CDP Reporting

Our experienced advisors will help you with your Carbon Disclosure Project issues.

Since 2008 we have encouraged and assisted clients reporting to CDP, with an exceptional track record.

CEMAsys.COM is a CDP Silver Partner accredited partner.





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GRI Reporting

We offer guidance on GRI Reporting (Global Reporting Initiative) and similar types of ESG reporting.

Our team of advisors is also GRI trained consultants (GRI Standards reporting guidelines).

We will support you in your process of sustainability reporting e.g. defining your material aspects and stakeholders’ involvement.

Service details:

  • learn about the GRI Standards
  • conduct a materiality assessment
  • conduct stakeholder engagement
  • develop report content
  • manage assurance procedures
  • communication


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Science Based Target Analysis

We create your targets and GHG emission scenarios according to the 2° target goal.

Science-based targets allow companies to create their own GHG emission scenarios in line with their “fair share” of the global emission budget. SBT analysis according to a 2° target reduction goal.

Our team helps you calculate and demonstrate how your company should reduce emissions according to science-based methodologies.


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TCFD Climate-related Risks

We help companies apply the recommendations of the TCFD by identifying, analyzing, and reporting on climate-related financial risks and opportunities.

In 2015, the Financial Stability Board launched the industry-led Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to develop recommendations on climate-related financial disclosures. The recommendations of the Task Force help companies understand what financial markets want from disclosure in order to measure and respond to climate-related risks and encourage firms to align their disclosures with investors’ needs.

We help companies understand these recommendations and guidelines, identify risks and opportunities, analyze risks using scenario analysis, and report on these risks and opportunities according to the framework created by the TCFD.

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Scenario Analysis

We offer in-depth and valuable climate-related scenario analysis in accordance with the recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Scenario analysis is an essential yet challenging component of understanding and preparing for the impacts of climate change and is a valuable tool to aid companies strategically manage their climate-related risks and opportunities. Conducting an in-depth analysis of a company’s performance in various climate change scenarios will help expose climate-related vulnerabilities and provide important insight when developing a climate-resilient business plan.

Our expert advisors can assist in conducting science-driven qualitative and quantitative climate-related scenario analyses in accordance with the recommendations from the TCFD. Our scenario analyses consider the impact of both physical and transitional climate-related risks and considers short-, medium- and long-term timeframes. Once a company has conducted a scenario analysis, we can further assist in developing plans and strategies, and help your company create a TCFD report.

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Emission Reduction Analysis

We support companies in identifying emission reduction initiatives and conduct analyses to model the likely impact of such measures on your company’s carbon footprint.

Emission reduction analyses allow companies to visualize the effect of various reduction initiatives on their carbon footprint over time. By calculating the expected emission reduction of each initiative and visualizing the impact of these reductions on a company’s total carbon accounting, companies are provided with valuable insight that helps them prioritize initiatives and achieve the most efficient results.

With the help of our low carbon transition planning tool, our advisors can help analyze and illustrate the emission reduction effect of a set of planned initiatives on your company’s carbon footprint. In addition, our advisors can help your company understand the initiatives needed for reductions to be in line with a 2oC or 1,5oC emission reduction pathway.

Finally, we assist companies in developing and understanding their carbon budgets when creating short-, medium-, or long-term climate change strategies.

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ESG surveys

A unique risk management system tailormade to deal with ESG risks and uncertainties.

Your supply chain and partner network both exposes business risks and provides significant ESG opportunities to deliver change in the future.

The ESG survey module allows you to audit your control group in an efficient and structured way. This helps you to identify ESG risks and drive performance and sustainability criteria across your business.

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Risk assessment

Use our smart dashboard functions to get a clear picture of the overall portfolio risk-status.

By using the dashboard feature, you get a perfect overview of the objects risk-score, underlying documents, survey results, control activities, media monitoring and inspection status.

All figures and results are presented in a user-friendly format, such as tables, graphics and risk-assessment levels.

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Risk exposure

Use our tailor-made risk survey system to expose ESG and sustainability risks from your business partners and suppliers.

This is an effective survey tool to form a clear view of all compliance and ESG risk issues. Your control group can easily respond to your questionnaires and self-assessment statements.

Once these are submitted, an ESG risk score evaluation can be assigned and risk-management activities can be issued.

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Risk monitoring

We will support you with an ESG media-monitoring service to strengthen your risk-assessment process.

Here you can access a large media source network in combination with the support of a smart ESG keyword monitoring library. Our risk-consultants will support you with campaign setup, language management and a smart keyword selection.

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Make carbon offsetting part of your ESG programme as well as your sustainability strategy.

By using different offsetting products companies can improve their sustainability ratings. Our portfolio of carbon offset projects focuses on high quality and all of our projects meet the stringent requirements of the "Quality Assurance Standard" (QAS) and "BSI's PAS 2060 specification on carbon neutrality".

  • Certified Emission Reductions (CERs)
  • Verified Emission Reductions (VERs)
  • EU Emission Allowance (EUAs)
  • Guarantees of Origin (GOs - Electricity)


No sales to private individuals.

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