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System Solutions

We have developed a state-of-the-art cloud-based system that gathers, manages, and analyzes your ESG data. The system is tailored to each company’s needs and enables independence and continuity in tracking your sustainability performance.

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Advisory Services

Our team of expert consultants have extensive experience analyzing ESG data to develop comprehensive and meaningful sustainability strategies and ESG reporting. Our people are passionate and driven to help your company reduce its carbon footprint and improve its overall sustainability performance.

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This is CEMAsys

We started our journey 17 years ago, encouraging companies to put sustainability higher on the agenda. We knew from the beginning that ESG is challenging, but we also believed there were ways to simplify the reporting process and uncover opportunities.

By bringing together an all-in-one software solution with top ESG experts, we can offer our customers the most effective tools to navigate the sustainability landscape. Our comprehensive system covers all aspects of sustainability, from gathering data to managing it and implementing best practices for stakeholder reporting. We have a track record of improving our clients' sustainability efforts, with several listed among Europe's climate leaders. With us by your side from start to finish, you can trust that we've got everything ESG related covered.

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