ESG Advisory

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Carbon Management

We recognize each organization’s unique needs and tailor carbon management solutions. Our ESG specialists will assist you through every step, from mapping scope 3 to creating a low-carbon strategy and transitioning to net zero. Our goal is to guide our clients from beginners to industry leaders.

Carbon Accounting

Using our carbon footprint reporting service, our consultants can assist in developing your carbon footprint accounting.

Scope 3 mapping

Our ESG experts can help you identify and measure indirect greenhouse gas emissions across your company’s value chain.

Low Carbon Transitions Plan

Our expert consultants provide advanced analysis to guide your journey in the low-carbon transition, including commitment to and application for the SBTi.

Carbon Offsetting

Make carbon offsetting part of your sustainability strategy in the transition to a low-carbon society.

ESG Reporting

We enhance corporate sustainability through expert ESG reporting services. We not only develop effective sustainability strategies to ensure ESG compliance, but also help craft your unique sustainability narrative.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay updated and in compliance with regulatory changes, including transparency acts, CBAM or CSRD.

Hire Consultant

Don’t let resource constraints hinder your progress. Extend your team with an expert advisor.

ESG Report writing

At CEMAsys, we assist in identifying your baseline, benchmarking against competitors, and determining the most impactful and material topics.

Standards and frameworks

Be in alignment with standards and frameworks such as GRI, TNFD, and SASB.

Risk Compliance

Developing sustainability strategies will create a roadmap to a low-carbon future.

Risk Compliance

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements and effectively manage your ESG-related risks.

Risk-data Mapping

We offer an ESG media monitoring service to identify risks from global media, a tailored survey system to uncover sustainability risks from suppliers, and access to various registers for risk assessment. Our ESG risk consultants can assist with data mapping.

Client Dashboard

Use our Client Dashboard to get a clear picture of your supply chain risks.

Supplier Admin

Use our Supplier Admin Tool to get a clear picture of your Supplier status.

Risk Identification

We expose ESG-related risk from your supply chain.