Partner with us to take advantage of our cutting-edge sustainability tools and elevate your consultancy services to the next level. CEMAsys has been developing ESG tools since its establishment in 2007, to support the most extensive environmental impact reporting to the market. Our flexible solutions also allow us to offer our ESG-Reporting platform seamlessly to partners worldwide.

Why CEMAsys

Experts in ESG Metrics

Retrieve, analyze, and visualize your ESG data for efficient sustainability reporting. Our module is tailored to represent qualitative and quantitative ESG related data from a multitude of sources.

Experts in Compliance Risk

Your supply chain can pose great business risks and provide significant ESG opportunities. The Supply Chain Control (SCC) module allows you to audit your suppliers and identify ESG and compliance-related risks.

Simple to use and easy to incorporate

Our team of experts customizes accuracy for every client’s needs. They ensure that our emissions database is up-to-date and add emission factors based on the requirements of each client.

We solve all reporting needs in one place

Cemasys offers a truly high-quality product to expand our Partner’s ability to deliver best-in-class ESG-Reporting services as efficiently as possible (1-line support). We also support you with GHG metrics experts, emission factor verification services, and strategic ESG-reporting specialists (2-line support).


Our cutting-edge API integrations enable seamless direct transfer of live activity and spend-based data from the source. We help companies go from mapping 10-30% of all CO2 emissions to mapping almost 100% of total emissions by reading data directly from their existing business systems.

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