EU Taxonomy

Our cloud-based system solution empowers companies to navigate the EU Taxonomy effortlessly. With our support, you can make informed decisions while navigating the green transition!

Streamline your workflow and simplify compliance with regulatory requirements.

By carefully assessing your current status you can confidently make informed decisions when formulating your climate transition plan.

This module helps assessing the alignment of your economic activities with the criteria for environmental sustainability, calculates and presents the financial KPIs according to the regulatory requirements, by keeping a clear audit-trail for the verification process.


Methodically assess your economic activities falling under the EU Taxonomy Regulation in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. Get a better understanding of the applicable “Substantial Contribution” and “Do No Significant Harm” criteria for your economic activities as well as the “Minimum Social Safeguards” to be complied with!

Identify aligned economic activities and pinpoint shortcomings of those activities that did not meet the criteria for environmental sustainability yet.



Start the assessment by adding your financial figures to the system and receive detailed guidance on what to include in each figure.


Check whether you fulfill the minimum social safeguards set out in the EU Taxonomy Regulation and identify potential gaps in your policies.


Add projects within your eligible economic activities: Disclose the turnover, CapEx and OpEx associated to the project; assess the “substantial contribution” and “Do No Significant Harm” criteria. 


Based on the provided information, this module automatically calculates the required EU Taxonomy KPIs and presents those in the right reporting template.


You are now ready to write your EU Taxonomy report! And of course, our expert consultants gladly guide you through the report writing process as well.

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