Carbon Management

Developing climate strategies will create a roadmap to a low-carbon future.
Sustainable and climate-resilient strategies are key to the success of businesses in the years to come. Our team of experts is eager to help your company create these strategies tailored to your unique needs and goals. We’ll work closely with you to map out a comprehensive approach to reducing your company’s impact.

Measuring carbon emissions is the first step in taking meaningful climate action.
Using our carbon footprint reporting service, our consultants can assist in developing your carbon footprint accounting.

We offer an advanced system platform and user-friendly online tools to assist you with your complex Scope 3 work

Our ESG consultants provide full Scope 3 screening

Scope 3 emissions encompass all other indirect GHG emissions in a company’s upstream and downstream value chain.

Scope 3 consists of 15 categories of potential emission sources from the value chain:

  • Upstream activities
  • Downstream activities

A Scope 3 screening is needed to identify which of the 15 categories are relevant for a company to include in their emissions inventory.

The value of Scope 3 reporting

Scope 3 emissions are a significant part of most companies’ greenhouse gas emissions. By accurately measuring emissions across the entire value chain, companies can pinpoint emission hotspots, comprehensively understand their climate impact, and concentrate on reducing emissions for maximum effectiveness.

This approach also aids in recognizing supply chain risks, establishing goals, and devising a low-carbon strategy involving suppliers, ultimately reducing climate impact and risk.
It’s an empowering process that enables companies to make a substantial difference in the fight against climate change.

HitecVision has seen increasing expectations from our investors for timely and accurate climate footprint data, and with CEMAsys we have always managed to remain ahead of the curve.


Collect high-quality operational data

Deep Industry Knowledge:
We have specialists in each industry segment who deeply understand sector-specific dynamics, including regulatory frameworks, market trends, supply chain complexities, and stakeholder expectations.

Emissions Factor Specialists:
Our team of experts customizes accuracy for every client’s needs. They ensure that our emissions database is up-to-date and add emission factors based on the requirements of each client.


Report in alignment with best practice methodology

At CEMAsys, our ESG reporting system and consultants stand firmly on the GHG Protocol. This solid foundation ensures that our clients receive robust and standardized reporting solutions that adhere to the highest global standards


Commitment & Applicationto the SBTi

In the face of climate change, planning for a low-carbon future is a way of signaling preparedness for what is to come.

We urge companies to show that they have adopted realistic short- and long-term goals informed by the most recent climate science. This guarantees that their objectives are in line with the aim of achieving a 1.5°C world and reaching net zero emissions by 2050 at the latest. Moreover, it adds credibility to have these targets verified by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).


Develop a low carbon transition plan

Planning your path to a low-carbon economy ensures a resilient business strategy.
Our expert consultants provide advanced analysis to map your path in the low-carbon transition by identifying emission reduction measures and creating your carbon budget.

We can help your company understand the initiatives needed for reductions to be in line with a 2oC or 1,5oC emission reduction pathway for short-, medium-, or long-term climate change strategies.


Beyond value chain mitigation

Make carbon offsetting part of your sustainability strategy in the transition to a low-carbon society.

On your reduction pathway, some emissions can be compensated for, and there will be unavoidable emissions that need to be neutralized.

Climate Target


Compansation and Neutralize

Carbon Credits

CEMAsys has provided carbon credits to hundreds of customers yearly since 2007. We offer projects where you can compensate for emissions now while pursuing a decarbonization pathway to become net-zero through nature-based solutions that store CO2 over time.


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Løvenskiold Handel has been using CEMAsys’ Carbon Footprint module since 2020. The CEMAsys crew has been very helpful in establishing our CO2 reporting with the upmost service minded approach and are excellent sparring partners. They assist us so our CO2 reporting is done efficiently and have guided us when needed. They have both knowledge and experience in the CO2 reporting and ESG fields.

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