Helping you manage your sustainability footprint every step of the way.

We are a specialized sustainability consultancy delivering solutions for the entire Environmental Social Governance (ESG) segment. By combining innovative system solutions and analytical expertise we provide our clients with methods to improve their sustainability strategy. We offer comprehensive services for every step of your company’s sustainability journey; data gathering and management, advanced analysis, strategy development, ESG reporting, and carbon offsetting.

Cemasys was established in 2007 as one of the first specialized climate change and sustainability consultancies in Norway. Today, our 800+ Scandinavian and international clients consist of stock-listed companies and private firms in all industries, and the public sector. We employ a unique two-pronged approach to ensure that we can cover every aspect required to improve your sustainability performance.

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Cloud-based system

We have developed a state-of-the-art cloud-based system that gathers, manages, and analyzes your ESG data. The system is tailored to each company’s needs and enables independence and continuity in tracking your sustainability performance. The system has four modules:

Carbon Footprint
This module enables gathering and management of data connected to your company and value chain’s climate change impact, according to the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol. When your company has calculated its carbon footprint, we can also assist in carbon offsetting.

ESG Metrics
This module enables gathering and management of any qualitative and quantitative ESG data and is fully compatible with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

ESG Survey
This module enables your company to measure, manage and map ESG risks in its supply chain.

Activity Log
This module allows you to capture, analyze and report all the HSE (health, safety, environment) metrics that are important to your organization.

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Expert consultants

Our team of expert consultants have extensive experience analyzing ESG data to develop comprehensive and meaningful sustainability strategies and ESG reporting. Our people are passionate and driven to help your company reduce its carbon footprint and improve its overall sustainability performance.

Target setting and emission reduction analysis
Our consultants analyze carbon footprints to develop carbon budgets and emission reduction initiatives. Our team can also assist in setting Science-Based Targets in accordance with the latest climate science and the Paris Agreement.

TCFD Climate-related risks
We help map, identify, analyze, and report on your company’s climate-related risks in accordance with the recommendations by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Our team has substantial experience with assisting our clients in all forms of ESG reporting: carbon footprint in annual reports, reporting climate and environmental performance to the CDP, and reporting ESG performance according to the GRI.

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In addition to helping our clients on their sustainability journey, we are always seeking to improve our own sustainability performance. Every year we calculate our carbon footprint and offset our emissions through UN-certified emission reduction projects. We are also involved in several projects and partnerships to strengthen our sustainability work and provide our clients with the most up-to-date and trustworthy resources.

Cemasys Climate Park

In 2019, Cemasys funded the planting of 150.000 mangrove trees in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar. We see this as a unique opportunity to contribute to mitigating climate change and improving the socio-economic conditions of the local community. Planting new forests bind CO2 from the atmosphere; one new mangrove tree can bind approx. 1 tCO2 over a twenty-year period. Mangrove forests are also breeding grounds for fish populations and foster biodiversity and crucial habitats for otherwise threatened and endangered animal and plant species.

Climate Neutral Now

Cemasys was one of the world’s 100 first climate neutral companies. We have signed the Climate Neutral Now pledge (UNFCCC) and adhere to the methodology for all our clients that calculate, reduce, offset, and communicate their emissions. Climate Neutral Now is an initiative that encourages the offsetting of emissions by supporting green projects that reduce, avoid, or remove greenhouse gas emissions.

UN Global Compact

In 2020, we joined the UN Global Compact as a Participant member. The initiative allows partnerships and collaborations in the work needed to reach the UN Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs). Through our membership, Cemasys participates in regional and international engagements and resource development.

CDP Accredited Provider

As the only Nordic consulting firm, Cemasys is a long-time accredited CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) provider and Silver Partner. We receive training and exclusive insight into the CDP’s methodology as well as close support from the CDP staff. This means that our clients receive the very best support from our team who have unique insight into the best practices for responding to the CDP questionnaire.

Science Based Target Provider

Through the CDP we are also recognized as an accredited Science Based Target provider. In our collaboration with the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) we help companies develop ambitious and meaningful emission reduction targets as an integrated part of their sustainability strategy and help develop plans to reach these targets.

Sustainability Hub (S-Hub) Member

S-Hub is an organization that brings together the sustainable business community in Norway and coordinates collaboration and activities, and to build knowledge on sustainability topics. Cemasys has been a member of S-Hub since 2017.

A Sustainable Tomorrow - Best at meetings that make sustainability happen

Main partner

To strengthen our sustainability work, we engage in A Sustainable Tomorrow. It is a modern meeting place where knowledge is spread, and networks are created in order to increase sustainability in business. With the Global Goals as a starting point, new ideas and multidimensional collaboration are generated that lead to increased business value. A Sustainable Tomorrow arranges, among other things, an annual sustainability and future conference to bring together sustainable actors from business, the public sector, civil society, and academia.